Already very young, Stéphane began to model clay. Clay recovered from the bottom of the cliffs of Normandy beaches, already impatient to see her thoughts turn into something else..

A little later, while developing a passion for 3D design and animation, Stéphane explored different artistic mediums such as acrylic paint, wood carving and cellular concrete.

While continuing his professional career in the worlds of digital audiovisual, pursued by this search for forms and materials, he went back to working on very concrete subjects while adding his culture of the image.

Démarche artistique

Craftsman at the crossroads between manual and digital work, Stéphane materializes a universe charged with positive and philosophical reminders thanks to contemporary tools.

His approach is based on surrealism and symbolism, on the poetic power of nature and dreams.

Very inspired by life in all its forms and by philosophy, his sculptures play with the abstract and the concrete and with shadow and light.

It is based on forms, symbols inscribed in the human psyche, in many ancestral cultures, by vibrating its creativity so that it resonates with you by arousing a reflection or simply good vibrations.

As for white and beyond...

Everything is energy, and every day our bodies are flooded with this much needed solar energy, we don't even see it anymore out of habit.

In optics, visible light, especially that emitted by the sun, is white.

The spectrum of this white light is made up of all the colors added together. It is decomposed in a rainbow or in a prism for example.

Solar radiation is made up of electromagnetic waves whose spectrum extends from ultraviolet to infrared, passing through visible light, which is perceived as white.

Beyond white and its perception, many things in this white light and in what surrounds us are invisible to us...

Light and Albedo :

The higher the Albedo of a surface, the more the surface pulls towards white and the more it reflects light...

Stéphane and the chocolate factory

Chocolate is a magnificent artistic medium, it is a beautiful and noble material, very interesting to work with and which acts directly on our well-being... especially when we eat it. :)

Stéphane also offers with and for chocolate artisans original creations with the simple aim of titillating your visual and gustatory senses:

And because it matters :

  • I work in the most eco-responsible way possible, and I strive to maintain this framework during all the production phases of my creations.
  • I favor local and Made in France products and select French or European suppliers/partners.
  • I use quality materials, the most bio-sourced, recycled / recyclable possible.

Do not hesitate to contact me for any information:



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